Learnable.com - Downloading Your Ebook

This tutorial will show you how to access and download your eBook from the website Learnable.com.

Step 1. After receiving the link to download your eBook in your Full Sail Email account, open up the link in your web browser.
Step 2. If you have never redeemed a book from this website, please proceed to redeem your ebook by typing in your email address. We always suggest using your Full Sail email for school related items such as ebooks. If you have used the site to redeem a book already and are redeeming a new book or trying to download an already redeemed book, please go to step 7.

Step 3. Once you have entered your email, the site will bring you to your Learnable.com dashboard.

Step 4. First we will have you add a password to the account by clicking on profile. This is so you can log into the site at a later time or redeem another book later on if needed.

Step 5. Scroll to the bottom of the profile page and enter a new password.

Step 6. Once you have added a password to the account, head back over to the dashboard by clicking 'MyLearnable' at the top right.
Step 7.  If you do have an account, please select the option to sign in now and sign in with your email and password.

Step 8. When the dashboard pulls up, click on the option to download.

Step 9. It will then prompt you as to which type of ebook you would like to download the book as. Since most students will be using Adobe Digital Editions for these types of ebooks, we will walk through downloading the book as an EPUB.

Step 10. Once you have saved the file, it will appear in your downloads folder.

Step 11. Go to your Applications Folder and open up Adobe Digital Editions. If you need to download the software, please see the follow link: http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html

Step 12. Adobe Digital Editions will open up on your computer and you will see this window. Navigate to the drop down next to the word Library.

Step 13. Under this drop down we can add a new eBook to your Library. Select the options to ‘Add Item to Library’.

Step 14. A Finder window will open up where you will navigate to your downloads folder to select the eBook that you want to add to your Adobe Digital Editions Library. When you have the file selected, hit the Add button on the bottom right of the Finder window.

Step 15. Your eBook will now display in your Adobe Digital Editions Library. To open and read the book, simply double click on the file in the Library.

Step 16. You can now view and read your eBook!
Step 17. On the left hand side, the different chapters of the book will show. To view the different pages, simply scroll down through the pages.

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