Android - Import your Schedule into Phone Calendar

This tutorial will show you how to import your class schedule into your Google account and sync it with your phone calendar.

Step 1. First log into the Connect website and access your MyStuff page by clicking on the link under My Courses to the right. Alternatively you can access it with the direct link:
Step 2. Once you are viewing your schedule and have the appropriate classes/labs selected, click on the “Publish to iCal” link.  

Step 3. Your schedule will download as a .VCS file to your Downloads folder.

Step 4. Log into your Google Account at and bring up the Calendar.

Step 5. On the left, click on the little drop down arrow next to My Calendars and select “Create new calendar.” Create a name for your calendar and click “Create calendar.” Click on the drop down arrow again and select “Settings” this time.

Step 6. When the settings come up, click on the option to Import Calendar

Step 7. Click on “Choose File” and grab the .VCS file from your downloads folder. Under calendar, select the new calendar you’ve created and then click “Import.” When imported, click the Back to Calendar link at the top left.

Step 8. Now your classes should be imported and displayed on your calendar!

Step 9. Now to set it up with your Android Phone! Open up the ‘Calendar’ Application on your phone. Tap the 3 vertical squares at the top right of the screen and select Settings. Note: There are many versions of Android! It may not look exactly as shown. If you do not have the three squares there could be a button at the bottom of your phone that allows you to access the settings of programs. You can use that function to get to the calendar settings.

Step 10. Click on “Add Account.”

Step 11. Tap the Google option.

Step 12. Select the option to Add an Existing Account. Then sign into your Gmail account.

Step 13. You should then see your account under the Setting tab. When you go back to the Calendar, it should populate shortly. It can take a few minutes for it to populate depending on your network/ wifi connection.


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