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This article is here to give you a brief walkthrough of the My Stuff portion of Connect.  It is a great area to view information you will need throughout your degree program at Full Sail.  You will be able to view your Profile, Schedule, Grades, Attendance, Devices & Assets, and the Program Catalog.  

You can find the MyStuff link on the left side of the main Connect page. There may be classes listed in above the My Stuff link in the My Courses section  

After clicking on View My Stuff, you will default to the Profile Tab. Here you can change your Profile Picture for Both Connect and Courses. Every page on MyStuff displays your student number the  your GPS score. They are located on the bottom left of the page.  

The next tab to click on is your Schedule. If you are a campus student when you click on this tab you will see the schedule for the courses you are currently enrolled for, the rooms that they are taking place in, and the time that they are scheduled for as well.  As an online student, you will only see the courses you are enrolled for.

Next you have your grades tab. This tab will have a short list of courses past, present, and future courses in your degree.  It will only show a limited amount of upcoming courses though, not all the way up to the end of your degree program.  Your final grades for the courses you have finished will be shown here.  Once the grades are posted, you can click on the grade for each class to view the individual assignment grades as well.  Lastly, this page will also display the GPA you currently have located at the top of the screen.

The attendance tab is for Campus students. This is where you can see what your final attendance is for each course you complete.  You can click on each lecture and which lecture or lab to see your attendance for that course.  

Devices and Assets is also mainly for Campus students. Here you will be able to add your MacBook and other devices to be able to access the Full Sail Wireless Network.  The link above the screen shot will bring you to a tutorial on how to setup your computer to access the network. You may only have one device active at a time on the Campus Wifi.

The final tab is the Program Catalog. Here you can look up information about courses you may have previously taken or just wish to learn a little about.  You can do this by searching the course list directly for the course.  Or if you have the course code you can type that in for faster access.

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