Full Sail Online - How to upload files for submission


This article explains how to upload your assignment on FSO and leave feedback for your instructor.

How to upload your assignment

If an assignment requires you to upload file(s), please follow these steps:

  • You will see a Drag & Drop area where you can upload your assignment.
  • Simply drag and drop your file(s) to the Drag & Drop area.
  • Alternatively, you can click/tap the cloud icon (cloud.png) to select your file(s).


If the assignment does not require you to submit any files, you will see a button that reads “mark as completed” in the Completion section. Click this button to finish the assignment.



Supported File Types

The following types of files can be uploaded to FSO 4.0 without needing to be zipped (compressed).SupportedFileTypes.jpg

  If the type of file you are attempting to upload does not appear on this list, you will first need to zip your file before uploading.

If you wish to upload a folder that contains multiple files, you must first zip the folder before uploading. For a video walkthrough on how to zip (compress) files, click here


How to leave feedback for your instructor

At the bottom of the assignment page, you will see a Feedback section. This section is for private communication that specifically pertains to the assignment between you and your instructor. Every assignment has its own Feedback section, and your peers will not be able to see this Feedback. Use the Feedback section to ask your instructor questions, seek clarification, discuss your progress, or provide general comments or ideas you have about the assignment.


For help using the Full Sail Online website, please refer to the Student User Manual or contact Technical Support (877-437-6349) for assistance.
 For any other concerns, please contact Full Sail Support (855-374-3572).



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