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Contact Information:

Avid Audio Support

Phone: 978-275-2555 (Pro Tools) / 978-275-2556 (Sibelius)
Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm PST, Friday 8am-4pm PST
Avid Support Page: http://www.avid.com/US/support

Each copy of Pro Tools and Sibelius includes a Standard Support and Upgrade Plan. It is activated upon registration and is valid for either one (1) or three (3) years, depending on when it was received. It provides Avid Technical Support via phone or internet.

The Standard Support and Upgrade Plan includes:

  • One (1) standard phone support incident per month
  • 1-3 years of product updates & upgrades
  • Unlimited web support
  • Unlimited access to support forums


For Students - Start here:

To get help from Avid Support:

  You must be under your support plan, otherwise you will be prompted to purchase support.

 1. Locate your System ID. This can be found in the Avid Application Manager under "Account."


2. Start a support case via one of the following:

  • Phone Support - Call 888-456-3444, press 1, then enter your System ID.  (Phone and one-to-one support is only good within the first year - then you will need to purchase phone support or use the web/forums.  Avid's support team does monitor the forums so you should receive an answer at some point after posting.)
  • Email Support - Use these links:


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