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Musition is an educational music theory software program. Musition contains 34 topics and allows students to improve their theory knowledge and musicianship. Teachers can tailor the drills and testing features of Musition, to assist students in reaching specific goals, or to help them prepare for particular assessment tasks. Musition allows teachers to track students' progress using the syllabus, test and record keeping features.

Software Contact Info:
1-888-667-7839 (toll free)
Monday to Friday 7am to 4:30pm PST
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Musition Cloud information:

What is it?

The "cloud" like other clouds is a way to share data. 


It makes using the software in a classroom environment much easier for instructors and students!

Regular Musition - students tests are recorded on their mac and they send instructors a screenshot of the results

Musition cloud - students results are automatically saved, students don't have to send instructors a screenshot, Instructors just go to the "results" tab and see the students grade

When do they get access?

Students get an email from Rising Software in Week 1 of Music Theory 1 or Music Listening and Identification.


The email from Rising Software contains a username, password, a school code, and a link to download the necessary pkg file. If they cannot find the email they can contact their instructor.

What to do if the student has trouble?

All questions and concerns about access and use of the cloud can be directed to the student's instructor.


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