Full Sail Online - Create Student Account and access your course

This tutorial will guide you through creating your student account, signing into Connect, and accessing your online courses (such as Orientation). 


Step 1. CLICK HERE to login to Launch.


Step 2. Click "Continue" at the top of the page to reach the To Do's scroll wheel.

Scroll through until you see the "Create Student Account" item. Click the "Let's Go!" button.

Step 3. You will be taken to the Account Setup page. Login with the email address and password you used for the Launch website. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the "Submit" button.

TIP: If you have trouble, try resetting your Launch password.

Step 4. If validation was successful, you will see the "Success" page. A Congratulations email will go out to the email account that was used during the Launch process. You will need to check your email to obtain your new Full Sail username/email address.

The Congratulations Email contains your new Full Sail username (email address) as well as the next steps you need to take. You should write down or memorize this address.

You can click the links under “Next Steps” to view the Connect Getting Started page.

Step 5. When the you first arrive at the Connect “Getting Started” page, you won't be required to login, but you should read over the information. The Getting Started page includes a brief overview of the student portal (Connect), information regarding Online Orientation, as well as information on how to access your student email

Step 6. Clicking “Continue to Login” will bring you directly to the Connect login page where you will now sign in with your @student.fullsail.edu email address
Your password will be the same as your password from Launch.


NOTE: Your @student.fullsail.edu email address can be found within the "Congratulations" email that was sent to your personal email account. If you still cannot locate your Full Sail email address, please contact support for more help.

Step 7. The first time you login to Connect, you will see a series of "Welcome to OrgSync!" pages. Verify your first and last name (the rest of the info is optional) and press the "Continue" button.



Step 8. After checking the box to agree to the Terms of Service, click the "Finish" button.


Step 9. You will be taken to your Connect profile. Click or tap the Connect logo in the upper-left to reach the Home page.


Step 10. Once you reach the Connect home page, it can take up to 10 minutes for your available course(s) to appear in the "My Courses" box on the left. You can periodically refresh the page until your course appears, or check back later. 

If your course does not appear after 10 minutes, please contact support for help.


Step 11. Once your course appears, click or tap on its name to launch it. 


Step 12. A new browser tab will open. If this is your first time accessing a Full Sail Online course, you will see your Account page. 



Step 13.  Scroll down to Settings and select your local time zone. The rest of the information is optional and can be updated any time.



Step 14. Your changes are auto-saved. Scroll back up to the top and click/tap the Full Sail logo to go to your Classes page. 



Step 15. You will see a list of your current classes. Click/tap on the class name to enter it.



Step 16. You should see your class content, which lists all of your assignments. You can now get started! Simply click/tap on each assignment to view and complete it.

Content Page



Step 17. Orientation Students - You must complete all of your assignments and pass the Orientation Assessment before you can proceed to your first course. Make sure each assignment has been completed (a colored circle will appear). Your Orientation Assessment will be automatically graded.



Step 18. Orientation Students - After successfully completing the Orientation Assessment, return to Connect on or after your start date to access your first class. It should be listed in the My Courses box. 


For help using the Full Sail Online website, please refer to the Student User Manual or contact Technical Support (877-437-6349) for assistance.
 For any other concerns, please contact Full Sail Support (855-374-3572).



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