How to add your student email to your mobile device (iOS and Android)

This tutorial will take you through the steps for adding your email address to your iOS or Android-based device.


For iOS Based Devices


For Android Based Devices 



For iPhone & iPad:

Step 1. Launch the settings app on your iOS device.

Step 2. Tap on Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account.iOS1.PNG

Step 3. Please select the Exchange option.


Step 4. Please enter your entire email address and type "Full Sail" into the Description area.


Step 5. On the prompt that appears, please select the Sign In option.


Step 6. A Full Sail branded login page will appear, please log in using only the first part of your email address (without "") and password. 


Step 7. Once this has been completed, you should be asked to select the features that you wish to be enabled. We recommend at least enabling the Mail option.



Congratulations! You have set up your iOS device with your Full Sail email account!



For Android:

Step 1. Please download the Outlook Application at

Step 2. Once the download has completed, please launch the Outlook mobile app.

Step 3. Once the application launches, tap the GET STARTED button.


Step 4. When asked for an email, please enter your email address and click the CONTINUE button.


Step 5. Once the Full Sail branded login page appears, please log in using only the first part of your email address (without "") password.


Step 6. Once this has been completed, you will be presented with the option to either set up a new account or Maybe later. If you would like to set up an additional email account, select the “Let’s Do It!” button. If this is the only account you would like to set up, select the “Maybe Later” button.

Step 7. You will see several prompts introducing you to the Outlook Application. Please either press the “Skip menu” option or tap the left arrow until you see a check mark on the left side of the screen. Please tap the checkmark.

Step 8. You should see your Full Sail inbox. Please allow several minutes for your Full Sail email’s contents to appear.


Congratulations! You have set up your Full Sail email account with Microsoft’s Outlook App!

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  • Avatar
    Anna Bidot

    Please give us instructions for adding out account to any mail app.. i.e.: are we using IMAP? POP3? etc! Please don't make me download specific mail apps.. I didn't have to do this prior to our email change.

  • Avatar
    Jessica McDougald

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful and got me back into my email quickly.

  • Avatar
    Seth Morgan

    As stated above, having to download a new app is useless. Please provide technical information for those of us that wish to use the official Android email app. (or any other app for that matter.)

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