Quickbooks - Installation


This tutorial will take you through signing up for the Quickbooks Education Program and installing the Quickbooks Online Desktop Application for Mac.

This tutorial is divided into 2 sections:


Account Set Up

Step 1. Please access https://www.intuit.com/partners/education-program/registration/students/quickbooks-online/


Step 2. On the next page, please click on the register button under the “QuickBooks Online” option.


Step 3. Please use the form that appears to sign up for an account using your @student.fullsail.edu email address. When asked for the Institution Name, please use “Full Sail University” and the school type should be set to 4 Year University. Please complete all of the required fields and click the submit button.



Step 4. You will receive an email within 3 business days containing the information to access your software. If you do not receive an email, please DO NOT re-register. You must submit a request on the Student Support page on the Intuit website. You will need your Request #.

If you do not receive your software access email within 3 business days, please DO NOT register again. In our experience, this can take less then 24 hours if you register with your @student.fullsail.edu email address. 



Step 5. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email from Quickbooks containing your License and Product numbers, please click the Download Link that appears in this email. 



Step 6. Once the page loads, please enter the License and Numbers from the email that you received. Once these are entered, please click the “Set Up Account” button. 



Step 7. Please enter your school email address, first name, last name, and password. You can enter your phone number but that is optional. Once this has been completed, please click the Create Account button.



Step 8. You will be asked the name of your company and how long your company has been in business. Please answer these and click the Next button.


Step 9. Once this has been completed, you should be brought to the Quickbooks Online site. Congratulations! You have completed the Quickbooks Online Set up.

Congratulations! You have completed the Quickbooks Online Account Setup.



Desktop Application setup

Step 1. Please visit this site and click the Download Now button. 



Step 3. Once the download has completed, please launch the .dmg file that you downloaded.

A window should appear with Quickbooks and Your Applications folder inside. Please drag and drop that Quickbooks icon onto the Applications folder. This should install the program into your system.


Step 4. Once this has completed, please open the Applications folder and launch the Quickbooks Application.


Step 5. Once launched, it will ask you to log in, please log in using the email address and password that you created during the Account Set Up portion of this guide.


Step 6. Quickbooks will request that you verify that you are an authorized user, so an email will be sent to the registered email address. If you would, please locate this email and follow the steps within the verify you are a user.

After this has been completed, please go back to the Quickbooks software and log in.

Congratulations! You have set up the Quickbooks Online Desktop Application. 

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