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As a Full Sail student, you have the ability to access Full Sail Online (FSO) from a mobile device. This allows you to view your assignments, complete much of your coursework, and conduct other tasks all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Here are some best practices and resources to ensure you can complete your assignments and be successful in your Full Sail career:


Conserve your data by connecting to Wi-Fi

Occasionally, you may need to submit files or watch videos on FSO that have a large file size. If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network when using your mobile device, you will be using your data plan to upload, download, and stream, which can drain your time, data, and even your finances. If you have a limited amount of data on your data plan, uploading or streaming large files such as videos and lengthy documents may result in additional fees from your service provider. To avoid going over your data-plan limit and incurring additional charges, it’s best to ensure you are always connected to an available Wi-Fi network.



If you are traveling or your home Wi-Fi is unavailable, consider public Wi-Fi options such as public libraries, coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, and hotels. Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi networks may come with network and speed limitations, which can hinder you from uploading or watching certain types of media on FSO. If you experience these kinds of circumstances, contact Full Sail Technical Support to address the issue, and be sure to inform your instructor as soon as possible so you can determine how to proceed with your assignment.


Have a current-generation mobile device


While it’s not necessary to have a brand new mobile device, we recommend that you use a current-generation mobile device with either an Apple or Android operating system that was released within the last two years for an optimal FSO experience.


Install the latest operating system (OS) on your mobile device

For the best user experience, make sure your mobile device is running on the latest version of your applicable OS. If you are unable to install the latest OS, we recommend you use the newest possible OS your device can support.

The minimum OS versions we recommend for use with FSO include:


Apple iOS 10 +


Android Nougat (7.0) +

Check and update your Apple software

Check and update your Android software 


Use a compatible mobile web browser

Some mobile devices come preinstalled with their own proprietary web browser, but these web browsers may not be compatible with FSO. For the best user experience, we recommend you use Firefox. FSO is also compatible with Chrome and Safari mobile browsers.

   Mobile Browsers:  








Type your work in a word processor or note-taking tool


Some assignments require you to write an essay response or discussion post in FSO. While it is possible to do this directly in FSO, we suggest you compose your work in a word processor or note-taking tool first. Then, copy and paste your work into the desired location on FSO. Typing your work in a word processor or note-taking tool has the following benefits: 

  • You’ll have a copy of your work on your device if you need it later.
  • You’ll have a backup in case you experience a technical or network issue when posting your work on FSO.

We recommend that you use the Microsoft Word app as your mobile word processor. While you are a Full Sail student, Microsoft Word is available as part of your student Office365 account. Simply download the Microsoft Word app to your device and use your Full Sail email address and password to log in.



 apple.png  How to Setup your Apple iOS device with Full Sail Online

 android.png  How to Setup your Android device with Full Sail Online


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