Setup your iOS device with Full Sail Online (FSO)


This article will help you setup your iOS device for use with Full Sail Online (FSO).While you are an active student, you have access to OneDrive and Office365 mobile apps to help you complete many assignments and upload your work to the FSO platform. For the Android setup guide, click here.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections:

Part 1. Download and install Office apps
Part 2. Sign into OneDrive
Part 3. Save and upload your files to FSO


For best results, we recommend using iOS 11How to check & update.



Download and Install Office apps  

While you are an active student, you have access to Office365 mobile apps. Here's how to install them:

Step 1. From your device's home screen, locate and open the App Store.


Step 2. Search for "Office365" within the App Store.

Step 3. Locate and install OneDrive. We recommend installing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.




Step 4. Tap the get.PNG or cloud.PNG icon to install each app. 



Sign into OneDrive  

 Step 1. From your device's home screen, locate and open OneDrive.


Step 2. When OneDrive launches for the first time, you will have the option to sign in or create an account. DO NOT SIGN UP. As an active Full Sail student, please use your Student Email (



After entering your Student Email you will be directed to a Full Sail University login screen. Please login with your username (the first part of your Full Sail email address) and the same password you use for Connect.  


Repeat these steps to sign into other Office365 apps. 


Step 3. Choose whether or not you would like to receive push notifications.



Step 4. After successfully signing into OneDrive, you can disregard the iMessage instructions and tap the X to close the window.



You can now save files to your OneDrive. Keep reading for additional setup instructions.



Save and upload your files to FSO  

Here's how to save files to OneDrive, and then upload them to your course (FSO). For this example we will use the Microsoft Word app. 

Step 1. After creating your Word document, tap the back arrow at the top left of your screen. Select Save As, choose OneDrive as your location then tap Save.




Step 2. Go to the assignment on FSO where you will upload your file(s). You can directly access FSO by navigating to

Step 3. On the assignment page, scroll down until you find the Completion area. You'll see a Drag & Drop box as shown below. Tap anywhere on it. 



A popup will appear like the one below. Tap Browse or More to Manage Locations. 





Tap the switch to enable OneDrive, then tap Done.



OneDrive will now appear as one of your upload sources. Tap on it to continue.



Step 4. A dialogue box like the one below will appear, showing your OneDrive file directory. Locate and select the file(s) you'd like to upload.



Step 5. After your file has finished uploading, be sure to tap the submit button otherwise your assignment will not be submitted to your instructor.




For technical assistance, please contact Technical Support (877-437-6349).
 For any other concerns, please contact Full Sail Support (855-374-3572).


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