ScreenFlow 7 - Installation Guide


This tutorial will walk you through downloading, installing, and setting up your Screenflow software. If you run into any problems with the installation, please contact us or ScreenFlow technical support at:



Step 1: Navigate here and fill out the required fields to download ScreenFlow 7. This a trial download, but we will be activating the ScreenFlow from within the application.

Download Link:



Step 2: Once downloaded, please open the ScreenFlow-7.0.dmg file and choose Open if prompted with this window.




Step 3: Click and Drag the ScreenFlow application to your Applications folder.





Step 4: Once the ScreenFlow is in your Applications folder, open the application. You will need to agree to License Terms and Conditions for the software to open it.




Step 5: Once the Application is open, we need to activate it so the trial does not expire. You can unlock it by clicking the Purchase dropdown menu and choosing "Unlock ScreenFlow..."






Step 6: On the Licenses section, Copy and Paste your ScreenFlow 7 Serial Number and click Activate. You will see a security prompt to authorize ScreenFlow to install a new helper tool. Type in your system password or use your Touch ID to allow it.





Step 7: You should then see that your Licenses section shows that ScreenFlow is activated





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