Parallels 12 - Installation

[Part 1] Registration



Step 1- Navigate to the main registration page for Parallels: Once there Fill out the requested information. Make sure you use your student email address. Click 'Create Account' when finished.


Step 2- An email will be sent to your student email. Login to your student email, locate the Activation email and click 'Activate your account'.


Step 3- You will see this confirmation message pop up letting you know that you were successful. Click 'Continue'.


Step 4- Click on 'Register a license key'.


Step 5- Input your license key, then click 'Register'.


Step 6- You will see this confirmation letting you know you were successful.



[Part 2] Installation



Step 1- Navigate to the download page: and click 'Download Now!'


Step 2- If your download does not begin automatically, click on Download to start downloading Parallels. 


Step 3- Once your download finishes, locate your download (In your downloads folder by default) and double click it.


Step 4- Double click the center image to begin the installation.


Step 5- Click 'Open'.


Step 6- 'Accept' the Software License Agreement to move forward.


Step 7- Enter your computer's user name and password to give administrative permission. Click 'OK'.


Step 8- Select one of the two options. 'Automatically Send' is fine to chose, if you're not sure. 



[Part 3] Computer Activation/Login 



Step 1- Enter your student email you registered with and the password. Click 'Sign In'.


Step 2- Click once on your available license. 


Step 3- Once highlighted, Click 'Activate', to activate your product on your current computer.


Step 4- Congratulations, you are now setup with Parallels! Click on one of the tree options, and begin using your product.


If you need any assistance,  you can contact Parallel support.

Parallels Support:


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