Launch - Errors and Troubleshooting

This article outlines errors that occur on the Launch website and how to handle them.


Technical Support can help resolve:

App Support can help resolve:

Enrollment Team can help resolve:


Technical Support can help resolve:

Student cannot log into Launch.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Multiple causes
  • SOLUTION: Use the flowchart (below) when helping students access Launch.
  • You can also check the Launch status list to see which CV statuses allow for Launch access.



Create Student Account is missing (student side)  

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student was not switched to "Enrolled - Ready to Access" status OR student did not scroll through all of their To-Do's in the Launch carousel. 
  • SOLUTION: Verify student's CampusVue status is "Enrolled - Ready to Access" and then have them scroll through to "Create Student Account" or just go to: 
    • If student is not yet "Enrolled - Ready to Access" have them work with their Enrollment Guide to see what else needs to be done.
    • For more info, please see this article.



"We're sorry, an account already exists for you" on Account Setup page.  

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student either has a Full Sail student account or something has been entered into their "Other email" field in CampusVue. 
  • SOLUTION: Check student's "Other email" field in CampusVue. Is the field empty or populated?
    • EMPTY - Check Staff411 to see if student has an account. Are they in Staff411?
        • YES - Have Technical Support leader add their address to CV.
        • NO - Escalate a case to Tier 2 with screenshots.
    • POPULATED - Is it their personal or address?
        • PERSONAL - Have a Technical Support Team Lead clear the "Other email" field (Make sure the student is NOT already in Staff411 since Staff411 should always reflect Other email).
        • FULL SAIL - The student most likely already registered. Make sure the student is in Staff411 and that the Staff411 username matches the first part of the address, then direct the student to Connect
  • See your Team Lead for any questions or if you're not sure whether to escalate to Tier 2. 



AM Electronic Signature Agreement is stuck in "Pending" status.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: This is normal behavior.
  • SOLUTION: Do not escalate. Advise that AM Electronic Signature Agreement always stays “Pending” once completed.



“Unable to verify credentials” on AM Electronic Signature Agreement   


  • ROOT CAUSE: The DOB/SSN being input does not match our CampusVue records (user error or incorrect student records). Another cause is when the student was just switched to "Enrolled" status less than 10 minutes ago.
  • SOLUTION: If the Enrollment Guide is on the line, ask if they switched the student's School Status to "Enrolled" within the last 10 minutes. If so, the student should try again in 10 minutes. Otherwise:
  • Verify that the DOB/SSN being entered matches CampusVue. If CampusVue data is incorrect, Enrollment Team can help correct the student's record.
  • Note: AM Electronic Signature Agreement always stays “Pending” once completed.



Document stuck on loading symbol (student side)   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Browser does not support embedded DocuSign content.
  • SOLUTION: Help the student reset their browser or try another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge).



Part of document cannot be completed by student.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Some documents need to be signed by the parent.
      1. Verify whether this document needs a Parent Signature (the doc will have a "Parent Signature" area).
      2. Ensure a parent email address exists in the student's Launch account (in their "my account" area). 
      3. Have the parent check their email for a DocuSign message titled "Full Sail University Enrollment Document" (Try these steps if the message is not received.) 
      4. Parent will be taken to DocuSign website to complete their portion. 
      5. Note: Student will not be allowed to submit the doc without the Parent Signature.



Parent not receiving DocuSign email.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: The email message is stuck in a junk/spam folder or needs to be resent.
      1. Have the parent check their junk/spam folder.
      2. Verify the parent's email address is spelled correctly in the student's "my account" area and correct the spelling if needed.
      3. If this doesn't work, try an alternative email address.
      4. If the parent doesn't have an alternative email address, escalate to App Support so they can resend the DocuSign invitation.



“You have already registered. Did you mean to login?” on registration page.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student had already registered.
  • SOLUTION: If they do not remember the password, use the “Forgot your password?” link.



App Support can help resolve:

"Launch Exception" error (student side)   

  • ROOT CAUSE: DocuSign account expires after 90 days, causing this error.
  • SOLUTION: Create a case and escalate to App Support.



Document missing/not listed as one of student’s To-Do’s   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Multiple causes outside of Technical Support scope.
  • SOLUTION: Verify the doc has been added in Salesforce (click on the student's Enrollment > Doc Management) & verify it does not appear on the student side, then escalate to App Support.



Document not received by Enrollment team (in Salesforce)   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Multiple causes outside of FSO Support scope.
  • SOLUTION: Check Enrollment Tools & refer the Enrollment Guide to App Support (x3636 if they are on the phone). App Support can work directly with the Guide to get this resolved.



Enrollment team can help resolve:

Student requesting a resubmission/wants to edit a doc   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student entered invalid info and needs to resubmit.
  • SOLUTION:  Let the student know that documents cannot be edited once they are submitted, but they can submit a new document from scratch.
    • To submit a new form, they will need to reach out to their Enrollment Guide to reopen the document.
    • Have the student make a comment on the document page. In the comment, the student must ask the Enrollment Guide to reopen the document and explain why.
    • Copy the Enrollment Guide on the case to let them know that we suggested the "reopen" request.



Document appears flat/read-only (student side)   

Is this happening on ALL documents?

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student declined the Electronic Signature Agreement.
  • SOLUTION: Escalate this to App Support and they can help get the account reset.
  • Remember that the Enrollment team has no control over the Electronic Signature Agreement as it is not an actual document. 

Is this happening on ONE document?

  • ROOT CAUSE: Student selected something other than the orange “CONTINUE” button on the document.
  • SOLUTION: If the Enrollment Guide is on the line, ask them to re-add the doc and advise student to click the orange button next time.
  • If the Enrollment Guide is not on the line, you can escalate this to App Support and they can re-add the doc. 



Enrollment Agreement says “Sorry! This document needs to be resubmitted.”   

  • This only occurs on AM Enrollment Agreement.
  • The error may also read "Sorry! This document is not ready for you to view yet."
  • ROOT CAUSE: Enrollment Guide needs to put in the Enrollment Agreement template.
  • SOLUTION: Refer student to the Enrollment team to add the template. You should also create a case and assign to Enrollment.



“Please contact your guides regarding your enrollment status” on registration page.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Launch couldn’t find an "Enrolled" or other eligible status.
  • SOLUTION: Check CampusVue to make sure they have the correct status.

 (If they are a Limbo student with an Enrollment from 2012 or earlier, contact the Enrollment team and ask them to update the student's Enrollment in CampusVue.)


“The student number and/or date of birth you entered does not match our records” on registration page.   

  • ROOT CAUSE: Launch couldn’t look up the student based on their number or DOB.
  • SOLUTION: Check CampusVue for their correct DOB/SSN. If the information is incorrect, escalate to Enrollment to update CampusVue info.



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